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Professor Zagorsky Eye Surgery Centre

The ideological inspiration behind and the founder of private centres of eye surgery is Zbigniew Zagorsky, one of the most famous Polish ophthalmologists, professor, author of numerous monographs and scientific works, a member of the International Ophthalmology Council, prestigious European and International Ophthalmology Academies as well as American Ophthalmology Academy. He performed thousands of successful ophthalmological surgeries, including charitable and demonstration ones; has brought up generations of students and still passes his experience to young colleagues.

The first Professor Zagorsky Centre was founded in 1998 in Nalenchiv. Nowadays, there are powerful 7 clinics of the network that bring the eyesight and new quality of life to patients in Poland (Naalencuva, Krakow, Lublin, Zwolen, Rzeszow, Nowy Sącz). The only Professor Zagorsky clinic in Ukraine opened its doors in 2009 in the town of Lutsk.

On the premises of Professor Zagorsky Eye Surgery Centre in Lutsk 2010 leading ophthalmologists launched the first in Ukraine ambulatory vitreoretinal surgery using micro cuts technology – 27G and 29G. In addition to cataract surgery, we specialize in the diagnostics and treatment of glaucoma, retina diseases, dry eye syndrome and complications due to diabetes as well as in using laser treatment methods. We have services, treatment of secondary cataract, reconstruction of the eyelids. Each year, the range of services increases, new branches are opened, the latest equipment and new opportunities appear. Each year, within one day surgery, more than 2000 patients in our clinic receive medical aid starting from simple manipulations to high-precision surgeries in the posterior segment of the eye. All interventions take place at the out-patients department, under local anaesthesia; patients return home on the same day.

All Professor Zagorsky medical centres are equipped with modern ophthalmological equipment of the last generation, which is constantly calibrated and annually serviced. This allows us to obtain reliable data, to diagnose and effectively treat diseases of any level of difficulty. The latest generation ophthalmic devices of leading optical manufacturers such as Zeiss (Germany), Alcon (USA), Bausch & Lomb (USA), Huvitz (Korea), Haag-Streit (Switzerland) are of ultra-high precision with excellent optics, photo-and-video capability, control and comparison of data in dynamics function; they are reliable and durable.

Our specialists diagnose and treat according to world clinical protocols, using innovative and evidence-based techniques of treatment and diagnosis of eye diseases. The permanent consultants of the Centres are the first-rate ophthalmologists in different areas, professors: Zbigniew Zagorsky, the most famous in the world for treating retinal diseases – Ferenc Kun (USA), Anselm Gyunemann (Germany), Ben Simon (Israel), Jerzy Navrotski (Lodz), Edward Vilengava (Katowice), Dariush Hashch, Agneshka Kudasevich-Kardashevskaya (Poland) and others. Many of them are valid members of the European Ophthalmology Association.

Charitable projects, educational programs and events are an integral part of the life and work of Professor Zagorsky Eye Surgery Centre staff. The Worldwide Anti-Blindness Program, Vision 2020, Social Programs for People with congenital vision disabilities, Vision 2020 Science and Practice Conferences, training sessions for doctors – "Medical Studios" as well as television and educational projects are just a small part of the big and extremely important work

Within the Clinic, each employee has their own area of ​​responsibility which they takes care of it. Our team is always ready to provide high-quality ophthalmic help to those who want to see this world brighter!